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Touring New Zealand 2015 - Introduction


This years write up is running very late as we have been concentrating on bringing the whole web site up to date, or more correctly making it more accessible from the latest computers with very wide screens and from the latest smart phones and tablets. In particular this this effects all our existing travel pages which have popup pictures as popups do not work well on mobile devices with touch screens. This years write up will be the first to be written specifically for the latest web site design and for HTML5, the latest web standard. This is the first major change since HTML 4.01 which was 15 years ago so you can imagine the changes that have to be made to comply - fortunately all current browsers are very tolerant so the user will rarely notice but that may not be the case in 5 years time! What does it mean for this years "News from the Antipodes". No longer will the norm be popup pictures in a new window when one clicks a picture - instead they will use an overlay effect which is usually called a 'lightbox' after the first one developed nearly a decade ago. This automatically scales for small screens on mobile devices and can also give the ability to move from picture to picture as a gallery like a slide show. Extra information is provided as before if you hover over the 'icons' on a computer but there is no such concept on a touch sensitive device so all the information appears as a subtitle on the overlay. At the risk of overloading users they can still switch to popups which work very well on computers and also reduce bandwidth by removing the gallery facility which preloads images. For most of you - just leave it alone. For power users try the various options at the bottom right of the new pages.

Coming back to this years travelogue - it will be written up as we go. They started as a regular series of lighthearted Emails sent out as "News from The Antipodes" where the text was written on a palmtop and copied into the emails with little polishing and only a superficial spell check. This year they will mostly be prepared on Pete's new Chillblast Defiant 13.3" laptop with inputs from Pauline's MSI Wind, both running Linux for security on the move. We have usually patched in a lot from previous years to make each year self contained. This year we will initially have to concentrate on the new things and link back although that may risk some inconsistencies in presentation. We add pictures as we go, mainly from our Canon A720 IS cameras although the Pete's new Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo smart phone has a camera which is very good provided one does not need a lot of zoom. We have also always tried to reuse the best previous pictures from earlier years, old film and some stills from Peter's various digital video cameras. The older non digital camera pictures are not consistent with use of the lightbox overlay and mixing with popups as we have been forced to do on older pages can only be a short term solution. There are however some 250 travel pages to sort out!

Enjoy what we have so far.




Background Material

After each visit we also try to extract more from the chronological organisation and consolidate the content into specific pages. Some background pages which may be of interest are:

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