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Support for Small Firms

Introduction: This section of our site is directed in particular towards supporting small firms who need a presence on the Web. It also covers other aspects of the computing needs of a small business - networks, backups, disaster recovery etc. I believe there is a very real need for such information - I see many examples of the same problems and the same mistakes being made in small businesses. Some of the material is however getting out of date.


Small Business Site Map

New pages use this colour scheme and are in bold above. They are augmented by existing and new pages from the Series of Howto Articles (Blue and Grey scheme)

Overall this has ended up being the size of a small book and I am still making additions. The framework is now in place and all of the important new pages are present. Anybody who is interested is welcome to Send comments, suggestions or even inputs to me.

Support: I am prepared, in some cases, to offer Consultancy Support to provide the initial impetus and assistance to get a small local UK firm on their electronic feet to the point where they can be self supporting using the technical information on this site along with other readily available information.

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I would be very pleased if visitors could spare a little time to give us some feedback - it is the only way we know who has visited the site, if it is useful and how we should develop it's content and the techniques used. I would be delighted if you could send comments or just let me know you have visited by sending a quick Message.

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