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New Zealand GPS Waypoints

This page has listings of the GPS waypoints (Latitude and Longitudes) of many useful places in New Zealand including many of the Department Of Conservation (DOC) and other campsites we have used. These have been downloaded directly from the GPS where the "identification" is limited to 6 characters so some imagination is required to identify some of the locations! Short comments have been added to ease the situation however early GPS receivers even restrict comments to 16 characters.

Note: The GPS readings are still correct but the technology mentioned is from 2002!


We use our Garmin 38 GPS to record the locations of all the places we might wish to return to - it lives velcroed to the dashboard of the vehicles (and yachts) with a power cable to the cigar lighter socket. This means we can simply mark any location of interest and the next time we go through an area locations we found interesting appear on the map display to jog our memory. Many of the DOC camp sites are also dificult to find and certainly it is dificult to get information from outside New Zealand. We have been asked a number of times for information on the location of the DOC camp sites so we decided to make our lists of waypoints available.

The GPS only allows an "identifier" of 6 characters for each waypoint so you will need a good imagination in some cases! We have gradually started to use a system with the first characters identifying the sort of location IE. DOC-xx is a DOC campsite, TT-xxx is a Top Ten Holiday Park, CA-xxx and CS-xxx are other campsites, CI-xxx is informal camping, CR-xxx is camping on a reserve, WIN-xx is a winery and AU-xxx is a Goldmining location. If you are sailing avoid places starting or ending with X they are rocks or other nasties! We have been filling in the comments fields with more details - our Garmin 38 GPS fills it with the time (GMT) and date but only stores the first 16 characters we upload hence the layout of the comment. Most GPSs will store 40 characters.

There are several internet sites which provide maps of New Zealand. We have used MapBlast which covers New Zealand - it is less good on finding small towns but has a big advantage in accepting Latitude and Longitudes if you use the advanced option. It seems to have coverage of most of the roads including gravel roads so it should be good for finding the camp sites from the coordinates in the following tables.

ID Latitude Longitude Comment
CA-COL S40°40.5995' E172°40.8714' COLLINGWOOD 01-FEB-98 22:58
CA-GIS S38°40.2627' E178°01.1583' GISBORNE 16-JAN-01 20:58
CA-HAS S43°52.9559' E169°02.6211' HAAST 22-JAN-02 20:41
CI-HBR S46°01.7497' E167°42.9489' HISTORIC BRIDGE 22-JAN-97 02:56
CI-HR S42°35.3075' E172°27.0042' HOPE RIVER 05-01-97
CA-KAI S41°02.1948' E173°00.9794' KAITERITERI 26-JAN-98 21:04
CA-KEN S36°41.4556' E175°32.4181' KENNEDY BAY 25-FEB-98 22:33
CA-KL S35°48.8086' E173°38.5537' KAIIWI LAKES 11-MAR-97 21:52
CA-KTT S41°02.1419' E173°00.9429' KAITERITERI 26-JAN-98 21:04
CA-MB S35°02.1999' E173°55.6997' MATAURI BAY 05-MAR-98 21:27
CA-MS S38°59.2082' E177°47.4014' MORERE SPRINGS 08-FEB-98 00: THERMAL SPRINGS
CA-MUR S41°47.6564' E172°20.3613' MURCHISON 01-FEB-02 05:42
CA-NAS S45°01.1073' E170°08.4064' NASEBY 29-JAN-02 21:13
CA-OTB S40°44.3583' E175°07.0572' OTAKI BEACH 20-JAN-01 22:35
CA-PR S39°56.0542' E175°38.4851' RESERVE 20-JAN-01
CA-QT S45°01.9205' E168°39.1961' QUEENSTOWN 10-JAN-98 03:25
CA-REE S42°07.2132' E171°52.1537' REEFTON 01-FEB-02 03:12
CK-SP S41°27.4658' E173°57.2819' SPRING CREEK 11-FEB-02 00:58
CA-SS S36°23.3505' E174°43.7658' SANDSPIT 10-MAR-97 02:57
CA-TBW S38°23.1633' E178°19.1359' TOLAGA BAY 30-JAN-99 00:03
CA-WAI S46°01.3467' E170°05.6330' LAKE WAIHOLA 26-JAN-02 04:19
CA-WL S34°31.0227' E172°50.3958' WAITIKI LANDING 08-FEB-01 01:04
CI-AR S43°58.4057' E171°17.8321' ARUNDEL INFORMAL 14-JAN-02 01:10
CR-MK S41°13.2590' E173°04.9513' MCKEE RESERVE 26-JAN-98 22:08
CS-ANA S38°14.8059' E178°19.0146' ANAURA BAY 30-JAN-99 00:55
CS-ARA S37°36.3816' E178°18.8763' TE AROROA 30-JAN-99 03:20
CS-AWA S38°00.3201' E176°51.7171' AWAKERI HOT SPNGS 31-JAN-99 22:41
CS-CAS S39°56.2103' E174°58.7124' CASTLE CLIFFS 19-JAN-99 00:51
CS-HAW S37°55.2729' E177°31.7609' HAWIA 04-MAR-97 01:00
CS-MAH S39°04.8236' E177°52.4162' MAHIA BEACH 28-JAN-99 00:40
CS-MAT S36°08.0302' E174°11.3602' MATAKOE 12-FEB-01 02:54
CR-MB S37°40.2985' E177°48.1492' MARAEHAKO 4-MAR-9
CS-MOT S38°53.2548' E175°57.4319' MOTUAPA 17-JAN-99 20:13
CS-PAK S40°35.9395' E172°41.2013' PAKAWA 09-JAN-97 06:12
CS-RAK S43°31.1183' E171°39.5722' RAKAIA GORGE14-JAN-97 22:06
CS-TIR S37°59.2769' E177°21.1376' TIROHANGA 31-JAN-99 01:17
DOC-00 S40°59.4204' E172°49.3016' 02/02/98 00:50
DOC-AC S42°48.1062' E171°34.5763' ARTHURS PASS 31-JAN-02 02:51
DOC-AL S44°40.7149' E169°11.3600' ALBERT TOWN 26-JAN-97 21:04
DOC-AU S41°16.3512' E173°55.7263' 28/01/98 21:53
DOC-BH S37°06.3013' E175°44.3594' BROKEN HILLS 07-MAR-97 04:01
DOC-CA S39°23.0863' E176°19.9622' GENTLE ANNIE 15-JAN-99 23:38
DOC-CF S44°09.6692' E169°17.2161' CAMERON FLAT 22-JAN-02 01:35
DOC-CO S41°12.2541' E174°01.9258' 03/02/97 21:39
DOC-FA S36°31.4436' E175°19.6284' FANTAIL BAY 27-FEB-97 00:44
DOC-FB S36°28.6431' E175°23.3902' FLETCHERS BAY 27-FEB-97 01:17
DOC-FI S46°00.4523' E167°27.4057' NR LAKE HAUROKO 22-JAN-97 02:24
DOC-GR S42°59.0543' E171°35.4397' NR ARTHURS PASS 31-JAN-02 01:29
DOC-H2 S38°17.4694' E177°23.1571' ON SH2 08-FEB-98 02:48
DOC-HA S45°59.3397' E167°22.9192' HAUROKO 22-JAN-97 02:14
DOC-HO S40°54.3641' E175°29.0528' HOLDSWORTH 07-FEB-97 20:03
DOC-HP S38°42.6205' E177°03.7881' WHAIKARAMOANA NR LK 12-FEB-97 21:33
DOC-KB S44°26.4419' E169°15.4908' KIDDS BUSH 21-JAN-02 02:51
DOC-KE S41°10.4321' E174°07.0315' KENIPURU HEAD 03-FEB-97 23:09
DOC-KU S39°23.6064' E176°19.6743' KURIPAPANGO 19-JAN-01 02:51
DOC-LY S41°47.7388' E172°02.9707' LYLE 01-FEB-02 04:51
DOC-MA S34°49.7923' E173°24.3805' MATAU BAY 17-MAR-02 22:18
DOC-MI S35°26.6089' E174°25.5433' MIMIWHANGATA 05-FEB-01 01:20
DOC-ML S45°16.5600' E168°10.2274' MAVORA LAKES 12-JAN-98 00:24
DOC-MR S42°20.7611' E172°13.5990' MARBLE FLAT 05-JAN-97 21:36
DOC-NC S42°24.2962' E171°31.1316' NELSON CREEK 31-JAN-02 23:52
DOC-OH S38°56.5191' E175°08.7768' OHURA? 27-JAN-01 04:59
DOC-OM S39°42.8470' E175°07.5712' OTUMAIARE
DOC-OT S40°52.7884' E175°13.2299' OTAKI FORKS 20-JAN-99 21:44
DOC-PE S41°17.8606' E173°34.3629' PELORUS BRIDGE 02-FEB-98 03:13
DOC-PJ S36°28.9905' E175°20.6271' PORT JACKSON 07-JAN-01 00:25
DOC-RA S34°43.5036' E173°04.9694' RARAWA 12-MAR-97 22:09
DOC-RE S38°17.0981' E176°29.8187' REREWHAKAAITU 13-FEB-97 01:30
DOC-RR S35°21.8945' E174°21.3070' WHANGARURU 29-FEB-00 02:24
DOC-SL S42°09.3740' E171°47.5195' SLAB FLAT 01-FEB-02 02:47
DOC-SP S34°25.5859' E172°51.7533' SPIRITS BAY 11-MAR-99 23:43
DOC-ST S36°30.7495' E175°25.4466' STONEY BAY 25-FEB-98 01:24
DOC-TA S46°27.5521' E169°29.6992' TAWANUI 20-JAN-97 02:57
DOC-TP S34°26.3947' E172°42.9194' TAPOTUPOTU 13-MAR-97 02:24
DOC-TR S35°43.2999' E173°39.1562' TROUNSON KAURI PK 11-FEB-01 21:51
DOC-TU S39°14.0443' E176°53.7083' LAKE TUTIRA10-FEB-97 01:40
DOC-UR S35°56.1686' E174°27.3447' URETITI BEACH 26-FEB-02 22:22
DOC-WA S44°21.0991' E169°10.1155' WHARF CREEK 27-JAN-97 22:24
DOC-WB S41°22.9155' E174°03.4381' 30/01/98 03:51
DOC-WF S35°39.1459' E173°33.3088' WAIPORA FOREST 11-MAR-97 23:40
DOC-WG S44°00.1173' E171°09.2583' WAIHI GORGE14-JAN-97 23:53
DOC-WK S36°36.3409' E175°32.1293' WAIKAWAU 25-FEB-98 02:46
DOC-WN S37°04.3088' E175°39.3989' 28/02/97 04:33
DOC-WR S43°00.2046' E171°35.3155' NR ARTHURS PASS 31-JAN-02 01:15
DOC-WV S46°37.4023' E169°08.0253' WAIKAWA VALLEY 20-JAN-98 03:02
TT-CRO S45°02.3253' E169°12.8388' CROMWELL TOP TEN 24-JAN-02 20:02
TT-FAI S44°05.8836' E170°49.8753' FAIRLIE TOP TEN 14-JAN-02 02:20
TT-GRE S42°28.1183' E171°11.2243' GREYMOUTH TOP10 31-JAN-02 04:43
TT-KC S35°45.0570' E173°40.4235' KAURI COAST TOP10 06-MAR-99 02:55
TT-KER S35°13.7620' E173°56.5274' KERIKERI TOP TEN 06-FEB-01 03:24
TT-MOT S41°06.2572' E173°00.8425' MOTUEKA TOP TEN 05-FEB-02 05:34
TT-PO S40°50.4928' E172°52.0494' POHARA TOP TEN 04-FEB-02 22:42
TT-POH S40°49.9951' E172°53.1021' POHURA TOP TEN 04-FEB-02 22:46
TT-ROT S38°08.2095' E176°14.3889' ROTORUA TOP TEN 21-FEB-98 05:09
TT-RUS S35°15.5698' E174°07.5625' RUSSELL TOP TEN 23-FEB-02 02:27
TT-SHB S36°44.1358' E175°28.9188' SHELLEY BEACH T10 20-FEB-02 04:07
TT-WH S35°46.0944' E174°23.6171' WHANGAREI HEADS 04-FEB-01 04:31 TROPICANA
TT-WHA S34°52.4220' E173°23.3331' WHATAWHIWHI T10 12-MAR-00 02:19

Use of the data with a GPS and mapping tools

All modern GPS receivers, including the hand held models, can be connected to a PC via a cable to download and upload waypoints, routes etc. There are several commercial software packages available, some from the manufacturers and some general purpose.

The GPS Utility: There is also a "freeware" version of one of the best general packages, the GPS Utility writen by Alan Murphy. We have used the GPS Utility for several years and recently upgraded to the full version. Even the freeware version of the GPS Utility allows one to upload, download and manipulate up to 100 waypoints at a time. The waypoints can be edited, filtered, merged and then uploaded or plotted on a Latitude Longitude or various other grids which can be superimposed onto an image of a map. The program can be downloaded from http://www.gpsu.co.uk for Windoz - it is quite a small download and it installs in a tidy manner so it should not cause any problems with any other software. It has plenty of help information and examples of how to use it and link you own scanned map files. The main restriction on the Freeware version is that it will only handle 100 waypoints at a time - plenty enough to get to know the program and hooked on it - the full version which also allows multiple maps and other useful features is £25.

The following file(s) are limited to under 100 waypoints and are in a suitable format to be opened in the Freeware version of the GPS Utility package and thus uploaded to most Garmin, Magellan and all other major GPS receivers which the package supports - you will obviously need a suitable cable to link the GPS to the PC serial port.

You will need to save the files in a suitable folder (directory) on your machine - right click on the following links and "save target as". The data files are simple text files (.txt extension)

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